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Evernight's Book Boyfriend Blog Hop!

Book Boyfriends... They can be strong and sexy, dark and dangerous, rebellious and reckless or cute and quirky. We love to fall in love with these irresistible heroes and Evernight Publishing has them all! The authors of Evernight invite you to a Speed Date challenge. Their cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, shifters, even steam-powered heroes are waiting to meet you on each author website. 50 heroes in 7 days! Are you up for the challenge? Pull up a chair and get to know every single one. I’d love to introduce you to my hero...

Interview with My Vampire - Malachi Bane from His Soul To Keep (Available May 7th 2013)

Luxie: Dear Readers. Please say hello to my guest Malachi Bane, a former Louisiana Plantation owner from the 18th century, who is now a vampire, currently living on an island in the Maine Archipelago. Welcome Mr. Bane.
Bane: Thank you.
Luxie: May I call you Malachi?
Bane: I'd rather you called me Bane.
Luxie: Of course. And you can call me anytime you like.
Bane: Why?
Luxie: Just my little joke. I'm nervous.
Bane: I don't understand-
Luxie: Just forget it, ok? Now, Malachi... sorry, I mean Bane...what was the first thought that went through your head when you laid eyes on Amber.
Bane: How I could end her life without frightening her.
Luxie: What?!
Bane: Please forgive my blunt answer. I did not intend to shock you. She and her friend intruded upon my privacy and threatened my solitude. You must understand - I am a soldier and a vampire. Until I met Amber, humans were always only prey or adversaries.
Luxie: But you don't feel that way anymore? I mean...should I be worried?
Bane: You have no need to fear me. I learned to control those urges a century ago. But when I am threatened or challenged, it is harder to remember the vow I made to never again hunt humans for food.
Luxie: Phew! Ok and your second thought?
Bane: My second thought was that I was naked.
Luxie: As in no clothes?
Bane: Those who live alone have no need for clothing.
Luxie: You never wear clothes?
Bane: Not when I'm alone. Is this really what you wanted to talk to me about?
Luxie: You mean to tell me that you ramble around on that almost uninhabitable island stark naked? What about sunburn or frost bite? You're a gigantic motherfu...I mean, you're a big guy. There's a lot of you to burn.
Bane: The cold doesn't affect me at all. However, were I to spend too much time in the sun, sunburn would be the least of my concerns.
Luxie: So what does Amber think of that?
Bane: I have not told her. She is blaming herself for enough as it is.
Luxie: So she is a fugitive from the law after being falsely accused of David's death and is practically your hostage, but she thinks it's her fault?
Bane: No, she blames me for that. And she is right. This is my doing.
Luxie: You caused this?
Bane: When I changed my mind about killing them and had to save Amber's life, I didn't have time to worry what David might see me do. It took every ounce of my enhanced speed and strength to save her. When I realised what he had seen, the only way to silence him would have been to kill him, but I let him escape in order to raise the alarm and bring help for Amber.
Luxie: Did that help arrive?
Bane: Yes, the next day - after I'd spend a night tortured by her nearness and vulnerability. She began to hallucinate and thought I was her dead husband, Tom. Amber clung to me, her body entwined with mine as she stroked my hair. I tried to pull away but she always became distressed, so I simply endured the agony of being close to her and did not leave her side until the helicopter arrived.
Luxie: So Amber was rescued but what happened to David? He got to the mainland obviously, so how did he die?
Bane: The fool caused his own death and put Amber in mortal danger. It was indiscreet of me to allow a human to see what I was, but if David had simply been grateful rather than greedy, he would still be alive today. By calling the press, he threatened to expose The Fratia. Ulrich, our leader, would never allow that.
Luxie: Your people - The Fratia - killed David?
Bane: Ulrich only ordered that I ensure their silence. It was his daughter, Katerina who had David killed. She will do the same to Amber if she gets her way.
Luxie: But why does Katerina care about Amber? More to the point, why do you?
Bane: Katerina doesn't care, not directly. The events coming to a head now were set in motion many centuries ago. Katerina was my maker and I defied her by leaving her. She has never forgiven me, nor allowed me to find love. When she heard of the risks I had taken to save a woman, especially a mere mortal, she became irrationally jealous and ordered them killed without her father's knowledge. I've already slaughtered three good men in order to protect Amber and I'd kill every last one of them before I let Katerina take her.
Luxie: Don't you simply need to get word to Ulrich?
Bane: The old fool would never deny his daughter to save the life of a human. No, I had no choice but to get her out of Augusta and take her to my island. It's the only place I have a chance of protecting her.
Luxie: And you Bane, why do you care what happens to Amber?
Bane: Amber is the bravest, most compassionate woman I have met in either of my lives. She is beautiful, funny, intelligent and spirited. It would be a sin for one so special to die because of me. It should not happen. I will not allow it to happen...
Luxie: You seem quite taken with her.
Bane: I must confess, the thought of any harm coming to her tortures me. I...I asked her to stay with me...forever. To let me change her so we can be together always, but she refused. She considers it suicide and fears for her soul. She does not want to offend her God.
Luxie: It makes you angry that she is a Catholic?
Bane: Amber would give up eternity in exchange for a fairytale.
Luxie: So what happens now?
Bane: I fear the end is near. Solomon, my brother in arms and the only vampire who is my equal will no doubt be sent to the island. I know Katerina - she thinks I will give Amber up rather than kill my friend. She is wrong but it doesn't matter because I cannot be sure I will win.
Luxie: What will Solomon do to Amber if he wins?
Bane: We will never know, because I will never allow him to take her life. Unlike me, Solomon relishes what he is and will allow his nature full reign. I will never submit her to that fate. I vow that if the end ever comes and all seems lost, I will do the deed myself. Only I will ensure she feels no pain and has no fear.
Luxie: I pray it doesn't come to that...
Bane: More prayers? Do humans cling to the myth of a deity because reality is too horrific to bear?
Luxie: I know what I believe, and it seems Amber agrees with me. Speaking of Amber, where is she now?
Bane: She was sleeping when I left her side. I must go - we have so little time left that I am loathe to waste more of it. I bid you goodbye.
Luxie: Goodbye Bane, and good luck.

What’s up for grabs? • One lucky hopper will win a KINDLE PAPERWHITE eREADER sponsored by Evernight Publishing. • Every book blogger/reviewer site is giving away one free eBook from Evernight (winner’s choice of any eBook from Evernight Publishing’s website). • Plus, each author offers their own unique prize! One lucky reader will win a free download of His Soul to Keep just for posting on this blog! So visit each blog hop stop for a host of fabulous prizes to win. How to enter? Tell me, who is the leader of The Fratia? Be sure you leave the answer and your email address in the comments below to be eligible to win a prize. Keep hopping to the next author or blogger. After you’ve met each hero click here to vote for your favorite book boyfriend. You’ll earn an extra grand prize entry!

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Instructions for Charity Raffle Winners

Glaçon Rose
Charity Ladies Night 
In aid of Breast Cancer Care 

To those who have won a free ebook download voucher in the Charity raffle in aid of Breast Cancer Care, please take a look around my website and this blog and decide which ebook you would like. Once you have decided, please use the 'contact me' form at and let me know. I'll have a list of winners from the organisers so please confirm those details, and the email address to send your prize to.

I am honoured to donate these prizes to such a worthy cause. I hope you enjoy your free ebook!

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And the winner of my Valentine Snippet comp is...

Jeanette Sims from Dublin! Please email me with your snail mail address and I'll pop your prizes in the post.

Thanks to all who took part.

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Evernight's Valentine's Snippets

Want the chance to win a gorgeous Lovehoney satin style blindfold and an equally luxurious toy bag? Plus the chance to win other gifts and vouchers from the Evernight Valentine Snippets Blog hop? Then just read the snippet below and scroll to the bottom to answer the question. You can find links to the other blogs taking part at the bottom of the page. You should also visit the Evernight Facebook Page  to find out more about the other great authors involved.

Have fun and good luck!

Dance Like Nobody's Watching by Luxie Ryder


Sherrie rushed to her little booth, hands shaking nervously as she got ready to make the repairs. If only it had been anyone but Ty, she wouldn’t have been so careless in the first place. The attraction she felt for him never failed to disrupt her concentration. Now, she was faced with the task of being near to his well-stuffed package again. Having trouble remembering how to function while doing the repair earlier had been the cause of this dilemma.

The dancers usually kept their costumes on as the seamstresses worked; saving both time and embarrassment by not exposing what was usually very minimal underwear. A man in skin-tight Lycra couldn’t wear much more than an athletic support underneath without it showing through.
“Are you ready for me?” Ty asked, making her jump as he appeared in the doorway.

You have no idea how ready!  “Yes, come on in,” she replied as calmly as her voice allowed.

Sherrie took a shaky breath and sank to her knees in front of him, ready to do the fast repair needed to get him back on set before the director blew a gasket. Her gaze travelled upwards even as she willed it not to, and her mouth went dry as she met the bulge at his groin. She coughed to cover her almost audible groan before daring to look up into his face. If he noticed her perusal, he didn’t let on.

Ty Webster was six feet of lithe sinewy muscle, with thighs that could crack walnuts, made hard from years of training. The outfit he wore exposed his broad, hairless chest, typical of what male dancers often wore for the Latin routines—a skin tight shirt, revealing strong, bulging biceps, and slashed right down to the waist. The trousers were even tighter than the damn shirt. At thirty five years old, he had the body of a man half his age thanks to years of competing at the top of his field. He’d been with Strictly Dancing since the show first aired and watching him every Sunday night had been one of Sherrie’s guilty pleasures.

Ty’s moss green eyes, dark blonde hair and killer smile knocked her off her feet even through the TV screen, but in the flesh, he was the epitome of lethal sensuality. Since then, she’d watched him from the shadows, her lust for him growing with each routine. She would’ve rather died in the motorbike accident that mangled her leg than ever let her injuries hold her back, for she had no qualms about pursuing men she wanted. But for some strange reason Ty was different. It was like he was on a pedestal she couldn’t reach.

His eyes narrowed to barely more than slits when he finally looked down at her face, mere inches from his groin. An erotic image flashed into her mind briefly and she wondered how he would react if she allowed her mouth to follow her thoughts. Without thought of the consequences, her teeth gently skimmed over the bulge stretching the fabric of his trousers, then she quickly corrected herself, hoping he hadn’t noticed.

“Are you ok?” Ty asked. “Your hands are shaking.”

“I’m scared I might prick you with the needle.” She laughed when she realized what she’d said. Good choice of word, idiot…especially when so near to his

Ty clearly didn’t miss the humor.

“Would it be easier if I took them off?” He didn’t bother to wait for an answer, and hooked his thumbs into the waistband, sliding the trousers to his knees before she thought to avert her eyes.

The white elastic pouch of his jock strap filled her vision. For a moment she was rendered speechless. Once her mind refocused, Sherrie ducked her head and helped him step out of the pants before scurrying over to her chair to work on them. Ty kept his back to the wall, folding his hands loosely over his groin out of politeness rather than embarrassment she guessed. But he’d forgotten about the mirror behind him. Sherrie bit into her bottom lip when her gaze landed on the reflection of his tautly muscled ass.

“So, do you like it?”

Sherrie’s gaze flew up to his. Had he noticed where her eyes had been? “Excuse me?”

Strictly Dancing—how do you like working on the show?”

She chuckled, relieved. “Oh, the show…it’s great.”

A twinkle appeared in his eyes. “And my ass? Do you like that too?”

A full bodied, uninhibited laugh tore from her throat. Ty joined in, unfolding his hands and placing them on the counter behind him, seeming to enjoy her response.

“Thank God for that,” he said. Sherrie frowned, unsure what he meant. “This is the first time I’ve seen you truly relax since you got here,” he added.

She smiled. “It’s all a bit new to me, but all of the larger-than-life characters and fake glamour actually appeal to my perverse sense of humor.” Oh shit. She hoped he didn’t think she was talking about him.

Ty appeared not to have heard her anyway. “Well, you should laugh more often. It’s very sexy.”

Forcing herself to remain calm and stick to the matter at hand, Sherrie was also well-aware that his eyes were still on her and it made her nervous all over again. Suddenly, she wished she’d made more of an effort on her appearance, as tight jeans and a scruffy t-shirt were what she usually wore.

“There, all done,” she announced, handing the garment to him and turning her back as he put it on.

“Okay, I’m decent,” he said, then chuckled when she turned to face him. “Thanks.”

Obviously, giving him privacy to dress wasn’t necessary, considering her teeth had already been against his cup. She blushed from the vivid recollection. “No problem.”

He paused by the door, as if he wanted to say something. Sherrie waited for him to speak but Ty simply continued to stare at her with an unreadable expression on his face. She held her breath as his gaze suddenly glanced down to the rest of her body, pausing for a split second on the way back up. She almost felt his gaze when it lingered on her nipples, and she didn’t need to look to know they were hard and probably visible through her thin t-shirt.

Unable to simply stand still as his eyes took a bold assessment of her body, Sherrie looked down towards the trousers she’d just repaired, checking that her stitches would hold. They were more than okay. The seam at Ty’s groin was now managing to successfully restrain the beginnings of a hard-on. She pursed her lips as the cup protecting his package visibly pushed further out, and she wondered if it was painful for a man to sport an erection in a handful of plastic.

He cleared his throat. “I didn’t get your name.”

Her gaze flew back up to his and she realized he’d caught her staring. “Sherilyn…Sherrie,” she corrected.

“Well, Sherrie,” he said, putting a sexy emphasis on the word, “I’m not gonna be able to go back out there like this am I?” He gestured down towards his swollen groin but she didn’t flinch, staring resolutely into his eyes despite the urge to allow herself just one more look. “So if you don’t mind, I’m gonna need to be alone for a minute.”

“What are you going to do?” 

The question is, what is the name of the television show that Ty and Sherrie are involved with? Please email your answer (do not post it here) to Winner to be announced on this page when the blog hop ends.

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Coming soon!

Evernight's Valentine Snippets!

The blog hop runs from the 10th to the 14th. Check back then for more details!

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Great review from JERR for Cowboy Love in Peril!

Click on link to buy
Reviewer: Silla Beaumont
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat Level: O
Two years and two kids after their love affair began, Kimber Gardiner-Reed, Brandon Reed and Wade Gardiner are experiencing some trouble in paradise. Something has Kimber’s men on edge, and she herself is frustrated by the town’s reaction to her being an unwed mother of twins. Wade has become distant, refusing to touch Brandon without Kimber present, and also refusing to marry her. Kimber and Brandon don’t realize that Wade has discovered a secret that could tear their happy little world apart. In the meantime, Brandon distances himself from his lovers due to a resurrected threat by the man who once tried to kill them all. After all is said and done, Kimber, Brandon and Wade will have to work harder than ever before to salvage their relationship.
Cowboy Love in Peril is a fantastic follow up to Cowboy Love on Hold, showing that happily ever after isn’t always easy, and that family dynamics are often filled with drama and emotions. There are so many secrets and lies between the three that it’s making it impossible for them to connect like they used to. The writing is amazing, both heart-wrenching and sexy. It makes me sad that they’re having problems, but definitely couldn’t stop drooling when they do come together in bed. The sex is incredible, not only between the three of them, but also when it’s just Wade and Brandon alone as well. The tension and chemistry between them all is palatable, and the character development had me devouring this book as quickly as I could manage! Cowboy Love in Peril is the second book in the Love: The Cowboy Way series, and while it’s possible to read it as a standalone, I really recommend reading the first book in the series to get to know these characters and their situation so that the drama and intrigue in this story make sense.

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New Release News! Hot Lesbian Anthology available NOW from Evernight!

Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition

Your Price:
$4.24 (You save $0.75)

Girlfriends share lots of things, including their most sinful secrets. When those secrets involve love, lust and long denied desire, sparks are sure to fly. And sometimes, there is no denying the need for a woman’s touch.
In this volume you’ll find seven delicious stories of sensual, daring women who open their hearts to discover love, fulfillment and satisfaction—closer than they expected.

Be Warned: f/f sex

7 Author Anthology

Finally Found by Lucy Felthouse

The Dating Game by Doris O’Connor

Wrong Side of the Fence by Erin M. Leaf

Even Porn Stars Fall in Love by Luxie Ryder

Wanting Jane by Emma Shortt

Marilyn in the Middle by Giselle Renarde

New Beginnings by Eve Meridian

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ADULT EXCERPT from Cowboy Love in Peril

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, August 8th
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, August 15th.
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]
Two years after fighting to save the lives of the people he loves, retired Special Forces soldier Brandon Reed is lured into a trap when a judge is kidnapped by the vicious drug lord he sent to jail. Manny Costanza is still hell-bent on killing him and avenging the death of his son.
Wade Gardiner makes a discovery that has him questioning everything he believes and terrified he will lose everything he loves. He carries the burden alone, unable to tell anyone why he is pulling away and causing them pain.
Kimber Gardiner-Reed fears her precious children will suffer for the choices she has made and learns some harsh lessons about the realities of bringing up kids in the kind of relationship the people in her small town wouldn't understand.
Brandon, Kimber, and Wade are fighting to save their love again, and this time, the peril comes from within.
A Siren Erotic Romance



Kimber’s gaze scanned the fields surrounding Wade’s ranch, looking up and down the lanes, unsure which direction they would come from. The minute she laid eyes on them, she knew that the night to come would be a long, steamy one. They were so easy to read. Wade Gardener appeared first, his big, strong body blocking the last of the day’s sun from Brandon Reed, casting him into shadow. Wade’s handsome face was rigid with tension under his Stetson and he marched toward the house in long, purposeful strides. He didn’t speak to Brandon as they approached but that didn’t seem to matter to Brandon, because his demeanor told Kimber he was as singularly focused on getting home to her as Wade was.
A frisson of excitement went up her spine as she imagined them working side by side all day, the sexual tension heavy between them. Why they’d recently stopped acting on the chemistry between them when she wasn’t around, she would never understand, but she usually reaped the benefits of their self-denial.
She turned from the window and crossed over to the twins, kissing them gently on their cheeks as they murmured to each other softly and resisted the urge to sleep. They wouldn’t be awake for long and should rest as soundly as they always did, which was probably just as well tonight if she knew her men at all.
Kimber walked through the house and down the stairs, stepping down onto the stripped wooden floor of the open-plan hallway just as she heard screen door at the back of the house creak shut. She found Brandon and Wade in the kitchen, both of them guzzling down a glass of cold water. They were probably desperate for it—the heat had been a bitch all afternoon.
Brandon had his back to her and she watched the play of muscles under his T-shirt as he refilled his glass and drained it again. His blond hair was plastered to the back of his neck, his clothing almost transparent with sweat.
Wade spotted her first but didn’t stop drinking. Any hurt feelings she might have felt at him not saying hello to her evaporated when she saw the way his gray eyes darkened as he stared at her. His molten silver gaze raced over her body, lingering on her breasts as he took one long, last swallow of his water and then dragged a fist across his mouth. A flutter of anticipation trembled in Kimber’s gut. Wade looked almost dangerous as the sexual tension radiated off him in waves. A quick glance at his groin revealed no surprises—he was rock hard and about to burst through the seams of his jeans.
Brandon turned at that moment, his hips lining up alongside Wade’s as the pair of them leaned against the brown granite countertop. He had a huge bulge in his pants, too. Kimber’s mouth went dry and her gaze darted up to his face.
She never tired of seeing them together. Although both men were about to turn forty, they couldn’t have been more different physically. Brandon was a retired Special Forces soldier with a body like a thoroughbred racehorse, all sleek lines and long, toned limbs. Wade, on the other hand, was more like a Clydesdale, a solid wall of muscle and staggeringly strong, yet still graceful, despite his size. He’d been forced to shelve his dreams of being a lawyer and take over the ranch when his father died but he rarely complained, happy with his lot in life.
Brandon seemed a little more relaxed than Wade today, and gave her a half smile when she looked at him, but still neither of them said a word. What the hell had gotten into them?
“Hey, you two.” Kimber turned away, slightly unnerved by how weird they were both acting. “You gonna go wash up while I start dinner?”
“You need to eat?” she heard Wade say, and turned to find he had spoken to Brandon, not her. When Brandon shook his head, his gaze still riveted to her face, Wade turned and asked her the same question.
“Well, I can wait and do dinner in a little while if you don’t want it yet. Aren’t you hungry, Wade?”
“For food? No.”
He took a step toward her as he removed his hat and tossed it onto the table, thrusting a hand through his dark hair. Brandon pushed away from the counter too and came to stand beside her.
“What about you? You hungry?” Brandon’s green eyes sparkled with mischief as he dropped a kiss on her temple and reached up to tug the band from her hair. “Because, if you are, you’d better let us know now.”
Kimber ruffled the blonde curls tumbling around her shoulders, sure she must look awful, but Brandon grabbed her hands, trapping them against his chest. She grinned. “I can wait. This seems more...urgent.”
Wade closed the distance between them in two long strides and swept her up into his arms. “Darlin’, you have no idea how urgent.”


She stopped halfway across the room, any thoughts of sitting down forgotten at the sight that greeted her. Wade and Brandon were washing each other.
They seemed unaware of her presence and totally at ease, despite the fact they both had raging erections. Kimber’s throat went dry as she watched them run soapy hands over their own shoulders, backs, and thighs, bubbles sliding down into crevices that she ached to explore with her tongue. Still they didn’t touch each other in an intimate way.
Kimber wondered how they could bear it—to be so physically close, and as in love with each other as they were with her, yet never allow themselves to have sex without her anymore. Why did they deny themselves these days? She was gonna have to talk to them about it. Their relationship with each other was every bit as important as their relationships with her, and Kimber hated that she might be the reason they fought against the insane chemistry between them. Neither of them had a problem with stepping back and letting the other have some one-on-one time with her.
Brandon got a handful of bodywash and scrubbed at Wade’s dripping wet hair, staring into his face and grinning when Wade complained about the lather getting in his eyes. Brandon stepped away and washed his own hair while Wade rinsed the suds out of his, then he moved closer to Wade, pressing him up against the tiled wall as he stepped under the gushing showerhead. Kimber saw Wade’s hands bunch into fists and she knew the urge to grab Brandon would be near killing him. Brandon’s biceps flexed as he scrubbed at his hair, his gaze locked onto Wade’s, his cock grazing gently against Wade’s hip as he moved. Wade took it without complaint, the expression on his handsome face a warning to anyone who knew him that Brandon could have his fun, but Wade would make him pay for it.
Brandon reached down and turned off the water, and Kimber could see from Wade’s rigid posture that it was taking every ounce of his self-control not to grab Brandon and thrust into him. Their gazes locked and held for a second, and then Wade noticed Kimber watching them and stepped out of the cubicle.
“If I’d known you were here, I’d have dragged you in with us.”
“Ah, but then I wouldn’t get to watch,” Kimber whispered against Wade’s lips, “and you know how I love to watch.”
Brandon slid up behind Wade, barely visible over the huge curve of the taller man’s shoulder, and grazed his teeth across the expanse of toned flesh. Wade groaned and reached back to clasp Brandon’s hips, the pair of them happy to allow their caresses to become sexual now Kimber was near, it seemed.
Wade hissed through gritted teeth when Brandon reached around to grab his cock and began tugging on it hard and fast. He surged forward, still in the other man’s grip, and nudged Kimber up against the wall. She braced her hands against Wade’s chest as he tore at her shirt, exposing her bra and dragging it up to release her breasts. He groaned and dropped his head, latching his hot mouth over one of her nipples while his fingers burrowed through the layers of her clothes to find her throbbing clit. Kimber jerked at the first, frantic touch of his hand and opened her legs wider.
Brandon came around to stand beside Wade and added his gentle kiss to the sensations overwhelming Kimber. He tugged her skirt up and pulled her panties to one side, giving Wade better access to her moist pussy—access which he took instant advantage of as he dropped to his knees. Wade’s thumb thrust into her cunt as his demanding mouth clamped on to her clit and he began to suck on her. Her lips parted in a gasp and Brandon’s tongue slid between them, surging in and out, almost matching the rhythm of Wade’s hand. He tugged on her nipples, twisting one a little and sending a small but delicious jolt of pain racing from her breasts to her groin. The first, hard pulse of an impending orgasm stole her breath and she slumped against the wall, unable and unwilling to stop Brandon and Wade doing what they wanted to her.
Kimber’s fingers latched on to whatever she could reach and some part of her brain warned her she was digging her nails into Brandon’s flesh while tearing at Wade’s hair. She tried to release her grip but then another, stronger spasm rocked through her, pulling the walls of her pussy up tight and dragging Wade’s thumb further inside. Her knees began to shake and for a second, she feared she would fall but she couldn’t speak to tell them...couldn’t do anything but writhe and groan under their combined touch. Wade’s huge hand splayed across her ass, supporting her a little, but when his mouth kept up its relentless torture, she knew he wouldn’t be able to hold her weight while she thrashed above him much longer. Brandon seemed to sense she needed help and clutched her under the arms, just as her legs gave out. Kimber rode out her orgasm suspended in mid-air, the two men holding her up against the wall until the last of her spasms faded away. Her skirt and shoes were tugged off and discarded by Wade, the blouse and bra by Brandon, and then he picked her up and took her back to bed.
Wade crawled up beside her, his cock grazing against her thigh as he moved in closer. Brandon didn’t take his usual spot on the other side of her. Instead, he climbed in behind Wade. Kimber turned toward them, enjoying the thought of what she and Brandon could get up to with big, beautiful Wade sandwiched between them and at their mercy, for a change.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New Release News!

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, August 8th
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, August 15th.
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, HEA]
Two years after fighting to save the lives of the people he loves, retired Special Forces soldier Brandon Reed is lured into a trap when a judge is kidnapped by the vicious drug lord he sent to jail. Manny Costanza is still hell-bent on killing him and avenging the death of his son.
Wade Gardiner makes a discovery that has him questioning everything he believes and terrified he will lose everything he loves. He carries the burden alone, unable to tell anyone why he is pulling away and causing them pain.
Kimber Gardiner-Reed fears her precious children will suffer for the choices she has made and learns some harsh lessons about the realities of bringing up kids in the kind of relationship the people in her small town wouldn't understand.
Brandon, Kimber, and Wade are fighting to save their love again, and this time, the peril comes from within.
A Siren Erotic Romance

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Submission call!

Reblogging this because Evernight is a fabulous publisher and I highly recommend submitting to them.

Anthology CALL


Alternative (MM and FF) Anthologies

Edited by Marie Medina

Evernight wants your stories about friends turned lovers.There's nothing quite the same as two friends discovering there is more to their relationship than they realized.
We want quality stories with strong plots and memorable characters. Push your imagination to the limit as you help friends find their unexpected happily ever after with each other.

Word Count: 5-10K
MM and FF Only

Must have a HEA
All sub-genres of erotic romance
Heat Level 2+

Limited Space

Due Date: June 15th
Send submissions to: along with a blurb.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

So... what's all this buzz about Fifty Shades of Grey?

So, just WHAT is it about this book? I've read the trilogy and I can see why it might interest some but I can't get my head around just what is drawing people in?

There are minor BDSM elements in this story but it's not really BDSM.  Yes, it's erotic, but not hardcore (and in some respects, not as erotic as some of the stuff I write).  Is it Christian's sexual dominance over Ana that people are responding to?

Please share your thoughts and let me know just what it is you love/hate about this book

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Recommended by Luxie - Taming The Bad Girl (Office Seduction Two) by Emma Shortt

Taming the Bad Girl (Office Seduction Two)
She’d been falling in love with him for years, since the moment they first met, and after one night of mind blowing sex Lucy’s mind was made up. She wanted Giles forever...only he didn’t want her back.

Four months later and Lucy’s life is a mess. A string of men, countless parties and a huge screw up at work, leave her with only one place to turn for help. Back to the man who broke her heart. The man she swore to loathe forever.

Will Giles want to help her get back on track? And if he does will he be able to look past her bad girl ways and tame her once and for all?
Adult Excerpt

            Giles leaned forward on his desk, putting him even closer to me. I gulped. “I notice you didn’t ask me for help.”
            “Well, no.”
            “Why?” he asked.
            I gulped again. It was so damn hot in here and why the hell wasn’t my heart slowing? I’d probably end up having a heart attack in Giles’ office. He’d have to feel something then surely? That thought gave me some satisfaction and I spoke before thinking. “We don’t exactly work very well together,” I said. “We never did, even before….”
            I halted, panic slithering down my spine. Why the hell had I said that? After the night at the bar it was completely the wrong thing to say. To bring it up again! Shit.
            Giles shot up and moved around the desk before I even realized his intentions. I backed up, but there was only so much room available to me. A couple of steps and my shoulder blade met the filing cabinet.
            “Before what?” he said, and his voice was deadly.
            I shrugged, trying to look composed, but failing epically “Nothing. I just meant…nothing. It doesn’t matter.”
            “No, Lucy, by all means finish your sentence,” he insisted. “Call it exactly what you think it is.”
            The night we fucked. Wasn’t that what I’d said? I swallowed and ran my damp palms down my dress, wanting more than anything to push past him and go home. Yes, home. Not to a bar or a club, but to sink into my couch, pull a comforter around me and watch trash TV—just as I had the last few nights.
            “Let it go, Giles,” I said. “Wasn’t that what you were going to do?”
            He growled. “I was. Though you don’t seem to be able to.”
            How right he was, though he didn’t really know it. I can’t let you go…. The words whispered through my mind and with them came anger. Wonderful, beautiful anger, straight to my rescue, overriding the nerves and the hurt enough that I could give him a snarky smile. “Don’t flatter yourself.”
            “Then why bring it up?”
            “A slip of the tongue.”
            “So finish the slip,” Giles demanded. “Finish it, Lucy, once and for fucking all.”
            I glared and tossed my hair back. Loathing and longing pulsing through me. “Before we nearly made a huge mistake.”
            “A mistake?” He stepped even closer. “Is that what you’re calling it? I got the impression we did make it, never mind nearly. I have some very vivid memories of our…mistake.”
            “No, Giles,” I said “A mistake would have been doing it more than once. That night was just….” I waved my hands, trying to find the words to sum it up in as nasty a way as I could. “A blip. Something that should never have happened. I realized that the moment you went mental over a stupid phone call.”
            “A phone call from another man!”
            “Whatever. It’s done now, just like you wanted.”
            “Is that right?” I could feel tension radiating off him—which made no sense—but maybe he was as angry as I was. After all, no man liked to be labeled a blip and certainly not one as masculine as Giles.
             “Yes it is,” I insisted, eyeing the door. “Thank God I learnt my lesson in time.”
            “But you haven’t,” Giles said, practically seething. “You’ve got a whole lot to learn yet, sweetheart.”
* * * *
            I pulled her into my arms, ignoring her gasp of outrage, and wound my arms around her slim waist. She fit so perfectly and anger pulsed through me. A mistake, was I? A blip? So finally she’d admitted it! Just like I’d known all along. Damn her, I’d show her a mistake.
            My mouth found hers before she could stop me and all at once it was like coming home. She mewed against my lips, but again I took no notice. I consumed her mouth, thrusting my tongue in, demanding her acceptance. She stiffened in my arms, pushing against me, and I was sure she was going to deny me. Push me off. Tell me there was no chance in hell of this ever happening. A mistakeJust a fuck…. But then she melted, I could actually feel it. Her resistance went, her body molded against my own, her tongue found mine and I wanted to shout my satisfaction.
            We kissed for what seemed like hours, days, but was maybe only minutes. I didn’t know. Pleasure wrapped around my body, pulsed along my cock, filled my mind. How many nights had I taken myself in hand, pleasured my own shaft, all the while thoughts of her slipping in? And now I had her. Now she was in my arms again. It was almost too much to comprehend and because of that, in that moment it didn’t matter that she didn’t want me like I wanted her, that I was going to be just another fuck, another mistake. I’d take it. It was enough right now. It would have to be.
            I backed her up against the filing cabinet and ran her dress up her thighs until it bunched around her waist. She moaned and undulated against me, ramping up my excitement to the point of unbearable. The kiss deepened and I lifted her into my arms. She weighed hardly anything. Her legs wrapped around me and my hands moved underneath her perfect ass, squeezing and molding. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my dick and I almost shot my load right there and then. But I’d waited too long for this. So many months waiting that I knew I’d hold on.
            Without really thinking about it I turned and dropped her on the edge of my desk. The movement was enough for our lips to unlock and I paused, wondering if now would be the moment she’d refuse me. But the look on her face caught me by surprise. She was flushed, excitement and something I couldn’t quite identify sparkling in her eyes.
            She reached up, undid my tie, and popped the buttons of my shirt, exposing my chest, the muscles I knew she’d loved the last time I’d had her.
            “Touch me, Luce,” I whispered. “Let me feel your hands on me.”
            She complied. Running along my pecs, across my ab muscles, before leaning in and taking one of my nipples in her mouth. She tugged on it, nipped it and my dick almost burst through my zipper. I reached down and let it out, then nudged her thighs apart.
            “My tights,” she whispered. “I need to…”
            I ripped them along the length of the crotch. Scarlet panties that were already drenched flashed through the material. I ripped those too.
            Her voice held a world of shock, but there was no fucking way I was giving her even a moment to think about what we were doing. The idea that she might realize what the hell was going on and push me aside with a taunting look and a snarky smile horrified me. I had to have her! I fucking had to. She was driving me crazy and though I knew this was wrong in so many ways I was too far gone to care. Anger and lust drove me. Tomorrow would be the time for regrets, not now. Not when I had exactly what I wanted mere inches from me.
            “Open you legs, Luce,” I said. “Nice and wide for me.”
            “Are we really going to do this?” she whispered.
            “Fuck?” I asked.
            To answer her I took either side of the vertical split at the top of her scarlet dress, the part that allowed far too much cleavage to peek through, and ripped that too.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks for dropping by! Here are six sentences from my novel Blame it on Bollywood. Enjoy!
The brief interview in Hindi ended with Kiera only understanding a few English phrases here and there, and Tariq began to move towards the edge of the platform, preparing no doubt to go into the cinema. Kiera looked around for the policeman who’d been intent on moving her before, and with no sign of him near, she got on her seat, stuck her head out through the sunroof and stamped on the steering wheel, pressing hard on the horn.
She turned to see the copper from earlier running towards her, and she began to drop to her knees in the car, hoping to get into her seat and start the engine before he got to her, when she heard Tariq call her name.
“Tariq!” she screamed as she surged up onto the seat again and saw him looking in her direction, microphone in hand.
The officer decided to start tugging on her ankle just at that moment, and she clutched the edge of the roof to fight him off, her gaze fixed on the smile lighting up Tariq's handsome face. Kiera was so dazzled by him she forgot to hold on...and Tariq began to slide out of view as she fell down, landing on her bottom in the passenger seat of the car.

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Monday, 31 October 2011

My Top 25 Movies

I got the idea for this list from one of my author friends, Julia Barrett - - and I couldn't resist the chance to make my own list! Obviously, this is just a sample of my favourite movies (it's really hard to think of them when you try). Are any of your favourites here? Please comment below - either to tell me the ones you agree/disagree with or make suggestions of your own.

I put this one first because I think I have to say this is my favourite film EVER. The music, the romance, the gorgeous Mr. Redford, the fascinating Ms. Streisand and some of the most poignant moments I have ever seen in a big budget epic, make this a movie I have never tired of.

This fabulous family adventure movie was the first time I began to see Jake Gyllenhaal for the gorgeous, talented actor that he is. His English accent was panty-melting, his body was jaw-dropping...and that sexy sparkle in his eyes could stun an elephant at 50 paces!

I am not a religious person but this movie really touched me because it showed Jesus as a terrified young man, trying to deal with the massive burden that had been placed on his shoulders. Experiencing his fear of what he has to face, expressed in one of my all time favourite songs - Gethsemane - has stayed with me my whole life.

The wonderful Gregory Peck in a wonderful movie. Atticus Finch has to be THE movie hero of all time. Who didn't want a dad like him?

Ah, Johnny! This is really a representative choice. I love so many of his movies, but The Libertine is his greatest role, in my opinion. This movie is tragic, sleazy, debauched and utterly fascinating.

"Redrum, redrum!" Come on now...think of something scarier than that! I adore Scatman Crothers too, so it's one of my faves as it's a rare chance to enjoy him.

What's not to love about this movie? Anyone who says it didn't scare the pants off them first time they saw it just doesn't want to admit they were scared by a rubber shark, in my opinion, LOL! I can still hear that theme music now...der dum, der dum...

This young man is easy to dismiss. He is funny and charming and you might be forgiven for believing that the sparkly vampire role is representative of his acting skills, but you'd be wrong. Little Ashes is based on the real life love affair between Federico Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dali. This is a beautifully filmed, achingly tragic movie.

Jeff Bridges! My life-long, hard-core crush. This movie contains many of my favourite elements - the gorgeous Jeff at his physical peak, James Woods at his menacing best, the beautiful locations, steamy sex scenes and an interesting plot that will keep most entertained. It is mostly style over substance but oh, what style!

The courtroom scene, when defence lawyer, Jake Brigance, asks you to imagine the hideous brutality inflicted on Carl Lee's daughter, is just one spellbinding moment in a fabulous film.

This is representative of my love of M.Night Shyamalan movies. I just adore what he does, and Unbreakable is a fab example. So many of the shots where Bruce's character finally embraces his inner superhero look like images from a Marvel comic. I love the stillness, the humour in the most unexpected places, and the way Willis carries his sadness like a millstone around his neck.

You might be surprised to find I haven't chosen this because it has 300 of the hottest, baddest, sexiest actors on the screen, half naked together. I actually LOVE the action scenes - particularly the scene where Gerard Butler (as King Leonidas) chops his way through marauding Persians, scattering body parts in all directions. Gory but great!

I hope the people reading this love Keanu as much as I do or they might be bored for a while! I really did try not to include more than one of his films but it couldn't be done and, seeing as it is my list, I figured I should indulge myself. If you like dark comedy, Keanu Reeves, the fabulous Vincent D'Onofrio and can tolerate Ms.Diaz (I can, barely), then this is one for you.

Yes, Keanu is in this one but it's not why I picked it. The Matrix rewrote film-making. The complex plot, stunning fight scenes, kick-ass soundtrack and mind-blowing special effects make this a movie one that should be on your 'see before you die' list.

Ok, I know...I know! But you gotta admit, this is the perfect bubblegum movie! Cheesy dialogue, a totally improbable plot and too many beautiful people but OMG is it fun!

This is a candidate for one of my favourite films of all time. The Neil Simon screenplay is a joy to experience. Jane Fonda grates a little for me but finding out that one of my lifelong crushes was a gifted comedy actor - the gorgeous Robert Redford - made my day.

Yes, Keanu again - but he isn't the star of this one. He is just one member of a staggeringly gifted cast. Giovanni Ribisi stands out for me but this really is a master class in character acting. The bonus for a Keanu fan like me is he plays a bad-ass mofo - evil but totally hot! The sultry South is the setting for this supernatural thriller and, if you are as fascinated by trees as I am, you will love the way Sam Raimi uses them to create atmosphere and tension.

Look, shut up...ok? I did warn you, lol! This is a fabulous, scary, stylishly dark supernatural thriller. I know the fanboys hated Keanu playing John Constantine but I think he was totally convincing. Seriously, just add Peter Stormare as Satan and Tilda Swinton as the Archangel Gabriel and you have a spellbinding movie.

This taut, terrifying thriller is one I can watch again and again, even thought I know what is going to happen and whodunit. The character who sticks in my mind is Buffalo Bill. I know the actor appears in 'Monk' these days, trying to look like an affable detective, but I remember him when he was tucking his junk between his legs and putting on dead- girl body parts!

I am mixed race and could 'pass', so no need to ask why I can relate to this film so much. Besides that, I defy anyone to watch the end of this movie without needing a whole box of kleenex!

Another sixties sex comedy, and one of a couple of the Doris Day films on my list. This is a perfect movie. Tony Randall makes my day, Rock Hudson makes me swoon and we all root for Doris! The alcoholic housekeeper is a classic too. Perfect Sunday afternoon viewing.

Poor John Coffey! What a tragic, haunted life he had. I know the story is a bit clichéd but I loved every minute of it. This was the film that finally made me concede that Tom Hanks was a good actor. Michael Clark Duncan should have won the Oscar for this.

My fave Doris Day film. One of the first feminists on film (although she caved in and gussied up for love in the end). I love the songs, the plot and Doris' performance.

I love Levi Stubbs so much, I named a pet after him! The soundtrack to this musical is one of the best ever. Jim Henson's puppetry brings 'Audrey' and his offspring to comic genius life. A highlight is Steve Martin's performance of 'Be a Dentist'. Also, this is about the only thing I can watch Bill Murray in. A firm favourite I could watch over and over again!

This represents both of the Madagascar movies and a handful of others - Finding Nemo, Shrek, Wall-E, etc. This particular movie gets a special mention because I freaking LOVE the psychopathic penguins! When they backed up and reversed over the old lady, I nearly wet myself. The final straw was the monkey version of 'Chinese Whispers'. Every time I hear the phrase 'Basset Hound', I get a fit of the giggles. These films are not just for kids! If you haven't seen it already, what are you waiting for?